product engineer
New York City +1
Entry Level +2 · Full time
Posted 8 months ago
Why is this role awesome?
if you've been turned off by the speculative fervor we're currently witnessing in web3, koodos is trying to present a more mutualistic alternative and are focussed on building something people love. join the founding team changing the trajectory of cyberspace.

build the future of the consumer internet

at koodos, we're designing a space where people can turn the content they love into custom cards that they personally own, can take with them anywhere online, and can unlock new experiences with. the cards a person creates make up their personal, curated library of their favorite content. we're starting with music, and will be expanding to support all types of online content. we're currently in a closed beta.

our vision is to (1) create meaningful connections between people through the content and creators they love, (2) shape online culture toward a direction that is more supportive and appreciative, and (3) spotlight the curator as an important and powerful category of online creator.

we’re a NYC-based web3 startup changing up the consumer internet space. we're a small family of digital explorers with backgrounds at YouTube, Facebook, MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge, each of us passionate about our vision and dedicated to creating important and positive experiences in cyberspace. we're backed by a roster of top tier investors, including First Round Capital, and the backers of companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, Snap, and Twitter, founders of companies like Zynga, VSCO, and Scale, the people behind artists like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lorde, Logic, and Panic! At The Disco, and many others.


🏁 what you'll do:

📌 your goal is to ensure more users are connected to koodos’ product value. as a product engineer on the founding team you’ll be involved across a number of priorities, but the focus of this role is to collaborate with the founders on driving the growth vision and experimentation, touching on go-to-market, data science, product, and design.

we're early, so you'll have a big impact on the future of the company. you'll be empowered to shape your role and trajectory at the company and the expectation is that you grow to lead growth engineering.

🥺 who are you?

  • you naturally take a scientific, hypothesis-driven approach
  • you're excited about owning data/growth engineering. you have a portfolio of products that you've seen through major growth and have stories about how you achieved that!
  • you're a builder. you love to build creative products. you have a track record of high velocity shipping with a focus on experimentation and an ability to mix big bets with quick wins.
  • you're highly-communicative. you value clear priorities, open feedback and frequent communication with your engineering, design, and product partners.
  • you think like an owner and mentor. you think long-term, never say that's "not my job" and take pride in supporting other engineers and seeing them succeed alongside you.
  • you value diversity (in every meaning of the word) and care about supporting diversity efforts at koodos.

🥞 our stack

  • React.js
  • React Native
  • React Native Web
  • Next.js
  • Typescript (Frontend + Backend)
  • GraphQL (using Hasura as engine)

if you haven't seen the main hiring page yet, check it out: perks & culture


ready to build a 🚀?

we'd love to see examples of things you've built from scratch 🙏

koodos to what you love. koodos to you.
Size:  1-10 employees
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