Associate Product Manager
United States · Remote
Junior · Full time
Posted a year ago
Why is this role awesome?
Relish Works is the innovation hub of a major US food distributor. This role supports, a startup created by RW as a marketplace and publishing platform helping restaurant operators. This is the perfect hybrid of startup culture along with financial support of a large partner.

Back of House:

Back Of House ( is the leading marketplace and publishing platform designed to help independent restaurant operators find, filter, and save on the restaurant technology solutions they need to succeed.

Relish Works:

Relish Works is exploring the future of the food industry. We exist to better understand the future of the food service industry and create solutions that ensure it continues to thrive. We’re exploring the impacts of technology, evolving consumer demands and macro trends from farm to fork. If you’re a strategist, a designer, an investor, a founder, or all of the above, and you want to help understand and shape the way food moves into the future—we want you to join us.


The Associate Product Manager will work with the GM of Back of House to manage product release cycles with designers and engineers. Your work, and the work of our team, focuses on the activation, engagement and retention of our core users. We seek a “doer” - someone who wants to create, experiment and build something with us, and is helping the team executing versus managing the team.

Please note, this is a contract-to-hire position with the opportunity to become a full-time, permanent employee at the end of the contract. While being a contractor, we can offer various full-time perks such as covering health insurance costs and awarding a bonus.

As Associate Product Manager, you will:

  • Work with leadership and key stakeholders to gather and help prioritize requirements into a quantified, flexible and executable backlog and roadmap using technical and analytical skills. 
  • Be able to communicate the roadmap and backlog to different audiences, and most importantly the designers and developers.
  • Maintain a healthy backlog of 2-3 sprints worth of clearly defined and stakeholder-validated work. Maintain roadmap across multiple horizons. 
  • Continuously refine, groom, and adapt the backlog to changing priorities.
  • Identify, test, and capture opportunities to grow our audience (WAU) and engagement (time-in-app / week; logins / week). Maximize individual user LTV through engagement with coaching services.
  • Drive feature development from start to finish; rapidly iterate and improve features through collaboration with key stakeholders. 
  • Minimize story rollover from sprint-to-sprint and rejected stories from end-of-sprint demos
  • Bring new ideas and perspectives to the team and product. 
  • Define, measure, and analyze key success metrics for the product. Manage end-to-end product analytics. Create qualitative and quantitative feedback loops to inform product direction.
  • Create hypotheses and execute experiments that drive growth in total users, user engagement, and user value. 
  • Collaborate and empower designers and developers to align cadence and coordination between the teams.
  • Be tactical and scrappy. Implement no-code solutions to support experiments and shortcut development when necessary. 

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • You have 1+ years of relative experience building large-scale products across web and mobile.
  • You are a fast learner and an adept problem solver. You can easily understand / manage ambiguity, complexity, and dependencies when building solutions.
  • You have a successful track record of managing all stages of the product development lifecycle.
  • You have experience developing and executing growth experiments through A/B testing and other frameworks. You have experience using no-code tools to drive experiments. 
  • You have experience leading iterative execution via lean and agile methodologies. You understand dependencies and constraints across teams and workstreams.
  • You have technical knowledge regarding best-in-class front-end, back-end, and devops languages, tools, and frameworks.  
  • You have the ability to engage with end-users to collect feedback and conduct user research alongside the design team.
  • You value using data to measure, understand, and drive key business metrics.
  • You have experience using modern collaboration and delivery software suites. 
  • You have experience managing production issues (fire-fighting) across customer success and internal teams. You drive quality assurance strategies that mitigate downstream risks.
  • You are known for being a great communicator and use various tactics (pictures, metaphors, storytelling, etc.) to improve understanding.
  • You show humility when you are right or wrong and have the confidence to admit mistakes and collaborate on solutions.
  • You are passionate about building products that feel fun and intuitive to use. You are naturally curious. You are self-motivated and organized.

You will thrive if you align with our values:

  • We believe in the Golden Rule. 
  • We act like owners and make decisions about our time and our resources accordingly. 
  • We are generous in our assumptions. 
  • Our team is our team— it’s imperfect and we love it anyway. 
  • We use our hearts and heads in equal measure. 
  • We take care of each other and our space as if we are a family. 
  • We are focused on our work and delivering quality outcomes. 


While Relish Works and Back of House are located in Chicago, the Associate Product Manager role is remote.

Relish Works
We're imagining the future of the food industry
Size:  11-50 employees
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